About TLB Enterprises

TLB Enterprises Group Holding was founded in 1987 as a private small business consulting firm when the owner was just 25 years old. Now, some 30 plus years later, the company has grown beyond the border of the United States and has global reach in terms of both customers and project as well as exciting programs and services.

We are forensic in our approach to providing expert consulting help targeted toward the gaps that inevitably exist in any business and in particular small businesses who have talent gaps and need to utilize the advancements in technology to shore up organizational management needs, executive administration challenges and operational support requirements demanded in today’s marketplace. We go a step further by taking you into the future of Artificial and Active Intelligence while leveraging machine learning and other immersive technologies to meet your core business needs and to place you in line with where the technology curve will be in the future, not just for today.

Meet The Founder

Terence L. Bolden - TLB Enterprises, Inc. CEO

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