Empower and engage your people.

Are your people thriving
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Employee Engagement

In a hybrid working world cultivating a culture of engagement is essential. Employees who feel disengaged are less productive and experience higher levels of stress, anxiety and presenteeism, which have a significant impact on bottom-line business success.

But engagement isn’t free coffee and gym memberships. True engagement comes from meeting the underlying needs of your workforce, and giving managers and employees the tools they need to develop and thrive.

Your people will be happier, more engaged and productive with the help of WeThrive’s employee experience platform. Powered by expert workplace psychologists, they’ll get instant personalized feedback, action plans, tools and resources they need to thrive

Your Employee Experience Platform

Our People Science

We’ve spent the last 13 years perfecting the science of people at work with our unique 4C workplace psychology model.

The 4C model underpins everything we do; letting you dig deeper into the conscious and subconscious areas that impact you and your people.

From the questions we ask through to goals, recommendations and learning resources, progress is framed around 16 key factors that affect the way all of us work. Our survey questions fall into four areas of working life:

Cognitive – What the team have in their heads

Capability – Perception on support and resources

Connection – The subconscious invisible ‘human stuff’

Confidence – The conscious ‘feelings’ about work

The 4C model makes it easy to understand the causes of stress and anxiety in the workplace and the negative effect they have on motivation, engagement and performance.