Project Description

AML – Reimagining the Magnet Technology that Drives the World

A product development company providing optimized magnet-based solutions

Customers range from startups to Fortune 100 and Global 2000 companies

AML technology includes software and hardware

The most advanced existing and clearly differentiated
Significantly improves performance at a lower cost

AML’s customers are the road-to-market for end product

Revenue includes design contracts, prototyping & grants
Recurring revenue from licensing and manufacturing

AML focuses on what AML does best, Magnets

The “enabler”, the “magnets Inside” (i.e. BASF, Intel)

AML’s market experience is diverse – Our growth plan is focused!

Bringing to market unprecedented performance and economics for electric motors and generators

  • PM-WireTM – Breakthrough technology for manufacturing of permanent magnets
  • PM-360TM – Unprecedented performance and economics for motors and generators 2

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