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COVID19FUNDING.US – The Small Business Solution

Mission: Assist small minority owned businesses to navigate funding programs at federal and state level and to provide access to grants and loans for business survival during a national pandemic and economic crisis.

Business Description: The funding gap for MBE owners is a large problem particularly during the present health and economic crisis. Our company offers a pathway to capital for businesses that need this assistance immediately using AI and Machine Learning Technologies both in the short term and in the longer term as a bridge to the digital economy.

Company Background: The company’s founding team is expert at navigating the myriad intricacies of federal and state funding sources for small minority owned businesses and how to use technology to achieve success for small businesses that would otherwise fail.

Products/Services: The solution that the company provides to small minority-owned businesses is access to capital where there is a funding gap between time and access to that capital.

The unique value proposition of our enterprise is the speed to find relevant funding options, automatic notification when the funds become available, and targeted recommendations based on deep learning. It is a subscription-based and Fintech enabled service.

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