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Kauffman Compilation: Research on Race and Entrepreneurship

While entrepreneurial startup activity is on the rise, entrepreneurs of color remain underrepresented and continue to have lower rates of entrepreneurship than their white counterparts do. As the United States moves closer to becoming a more racially diverse country, a continued disparity in entrepreneurial rates among people of color will lead to missed opportunities.
The Kauffman Foundation has a large body of work that examines this area of research.
In this volume, we have assembled an assortment of Kauffman’s work on entrepreneurs of color. The compilation that follows highlights a range of Kauffman resources that discuss entrepreneurs of color, the particular challenges facing these demographics, and the practical and policy ideas to address them.
For additional information on race and entrepreneur-related research beyond this compilation:

  •  Learn more about the Kauffman Inclusion Challenge, which is designed to find, understand, and grant funds to nonprofit entrepreneur-support organizations that can help female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of color achieve higher rates of success.
  •  Scan Kauffman’s policy digest on Entrepreneurs of Color.
  •  Explore Kauffman’s work related to entrepreneur demographics.
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