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Contributing to Global Food Security & Sustainability

Over the last century, the global population has quadrupled. In 1915, there were 1.8 billion people in the world. Today, according to the most recent estimate by the UN, there are 7.3 billion people and we may reach 9.7 billion by 2050. This growth, is driving up global food demand.

Exclusive Distributor of STUD PAC Aquatic Solutions in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania

We Build Relationships! TLB Enterprises Group Holding is not a corporation seeking stock and shareholders. It is an evolving organization strategically positioned to transact business on a global scale around issues seriously affecting and challenging the existence of human life, particularly in the realm of water, energy, food, agriculture, livestock and environmental agriculture security. TLB Enterprises Group Holding, Ltd. also seeks to develop deep knowledge and understanding of how to balance tax challenges against globally divergent systems across differences in cultures and laws. We Build Relationships!

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